When Wills are Contested

Skilled estate planning is essential for ensuring your assets are handled properly and your wealth maximized while you are alive, and for directing the flow of your wealth after you pass away. A well-crafted will is central to good estate planning. Despite the best efforts of all involved, though, some wills are contested.

A number of factors bear on why this can happen. Parties may have reason to believe that a will, or an amendment to a will, is fraudulent or was signed under duress. The mere unhappiness of a party over the terms of a will is insufficient to challenge the validity of the will, however. Legitimate legal concerns that can be raised include:

In order to protect vulnerable parties and their families, California probate law prohibits donative transfer to individuals including:

These are exceptions to this rule but when appropriate, will contests are essential to ensure last wishes are carried out. They can also empty the very coffers intended for beneficiaries. If you are concerned about the validity of a will in San Mateo, seek reputable legal guidance.

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