Estate Planning After Divorce

A good estate plan should be flexible and structured to account for foreseeable life events. However, even the best estate plan cannot accommodate every turn your life may take. Periodic review and tweaking of an estate plan is always advisable. In addition, certain life events may necessitate a comprehensive overhaul to prevent confusion and ensure your wishes for your property are respected. The end of a marriage is one such life event.

Under the California Probate Code, the divorce or annulment of a marriage automatically invalidates any bequests to the former spouse made in a will executed prior to the dissolution. However, this, in no way, means that you can simply continue with your current estate plan — especially if your estate is large and complex. A comprehensive review is still advisable for several reasons, such as:

As your life changes, so too must your estate plan. An experienced California estate planning attorney can help you adapt to any turns your life may take.

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