The Unintended Consequences of Not Having an Estate Plan

Nobody likes to think about death, but failing to plan for it can cause unintended consequences for loved ones. Prompted by the death of Prince, a client recently came to see me. He had read in the news that heirs to Prince’s estate could include adopted siblings. My client isn’t close to his adopted siblings […]

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Buy-Sell Agreements: Good For Business and Good For Your Estate Plan

From unwanted business partners to burdensome estate taxes, the death of a business co-owner can have negative implications for surviving owners as well as for the estate of the deceased. A well drafted buy-sell agreement can do double duty as an important tool in both business succession and estate planning, helping to ensure the stability […]

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The Stuff that Fights are Made of

Estate planning is important. Many of us have assets we want to pass along to our loved ones, easily. Many wish to leave their estate equally to their children. Perhaps they do this to be fair or they believe an equal distribution will circumvent a fight. Assets like financial accounts are easy to divide. But […]

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When Wills are Contested

Skilled estate planning is essential for ensuring your assets are handled properly and your wealth maximized while you are alive, and for directing the flow of your wealth after you pass away. A well-crafted will is central to good estate planning. Despite the best efforts of all involved, though, some wills are contested. A number […]

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What You Need to Know About S Corporations in California

Are you looking to start a new business in California? If so, you may have heard about S corporations. However, contrary to popular belief, an S corporation is not a business structure — it is a tax status. Any standard corporation or C corporation formed in California can become an S corporation by electing under […]

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Employee Misclassification: Are You Prepared?

We talked earlier about the importance of job classification in determining overtime wages for Internet specialists. The same concerns and problems hold true for your administrative employees. Given existing legal and regulatory precedents in California, the best way to handle a complaint for overtime wages from an administrative employee is to protect against it. The […]

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The Specter of Zombie Foreclosures

Among other practice areas, our firm has a focus on residential real estate. We offer clients skilled assistance when buying or selling real property and we work with investors and developers interested in obtaining distressed properties held by banks. With the high number of foreclosures in recent years, even banks sometimes walk away from a […]

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Estate Planning After Divorce

A good estate plan should be flexible and structured to account for foreseeable life events. However, even the best estate plan cannot accommodate every turn your life may take. Periodic review and tweaking of an estate plan is always advisable. In addition, certain life events may necessitate a comprehensive overhaul to prevent confusion and ensure […]

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New San Francisco Ordinance Tries for Family Friendly Workplaces

In unique legislation intended to fight the flight of families from San Francisco workplaces, the city enacted an ordinance to give qualified workers the right to request flexible working arrangements. The measure was introduced in June by San Francisco Supervisor David Chu, who explained the thinking behind the ordinance in a legislative fact sheet supporting […]

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Estate Planning Update: Make Sure to Address Social Media

Think twice before guffawing over the idea of addressing social media in your will. Not only can it make life easier for your survivors, a social media will is recommended by the United States Government. After, or in anticipation of, any lifetime change, we suggest clients review their estate plans. The sale or purchase of […]

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