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California real estate laws and zoning codes are dictated by each individual county within the state. When a San Francisco zoning dispute prevents you from developing a piece of land, you need prompt legal help. At Fox, Shjeflo, Hartley & Babu LLP, we can provide you with the legal counsel you need to navigate and conquer the complexities of today’s California real estate laws successfully.

Zoning classifications

Each county in California differs in specific rules and regulations for zoning, ranging from minimum and maximum dimension limitations, lot coverage, unit limitations and much more. Determining the zone classification for a given property is the first step to avoiding a dispute.

Below are the common main categories in which these zones are classified:

  • Residential zones
  • Commercial/office zones
  • Industrial/manufacturing zones
  • Other/miscellaneous zones
  • Special classifications

Common issues with zoning and real estate law

Due to the ever-changing and wide array of rules and regulations that vary from county to county, understanding zoning laws and the issues that often arise can be challenging. At Fox, Shjeflo, Hartley & Babu LLP, we frequently assist clients in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area with the following types of zoning issues:

  • Boundary disputes: A large number of boundary disputes occur when a residential property line differs from the apparent line, such as a fence or existing structure.
  • Zoning variances: In some circumstances, flexibility is available in regard to zoning regulations. Variances allow a land developer a limited exception to the standard restrictions of zoning laws.
  • Environmental compliance: Considering sensitive environmental areas any time construction or expansion is anticipated is important.
  • Eminent domain: The government often needs to acquire private property for roads, schools and other public infrastructure. The state and federal constitutions provide, however, that private property cannot be taken without the payment of just compensation. Normally, when the government needs to acquire property, the government initiates condemnation proceedings against the owner of the property. We can represent you in these proceedings to ensure that you receive maximum compensation.

Whether you are a commercial land developer or business who has encountered zoning issues or has general real estate law concerns, our experienced legal team can effectively and efficiently provide you with the professional representation you deserve. Our attorneys are highly qualified and fully prepared to handle the intricacies of California zoning regulations, residential real estate law and commercial sales.

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