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The Specter of Zombie Foreclosures

Among other practice areas, our firm has a focus on residential real estate. We offer clients skilled assistance when buying or selling real property and we work with investors and developers interested in obtaining distressed properties held by banks. With the high number of foreclosures in recent years, even banks sometimes walk away from a… Read More »

Real Estate Purchase Agreements and What They Should Contain

When buying or selling a home, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement. However, don’t let daydreams about your prospective home stop you from reading through every document that requires your signature. In fact, the best thing you can do to prevent issues with a real estate contract is to have… Read More »

What Rights Do Landlords Have in California?

Much is written and read about the rights of tenants. What about property owners? Believe it or not, landlords have rights, too. If you are a landlord in California, you may be unaware of your rights. Or worse yet, you may be relying on inaccurate or outdated information about what you legally can and cannot… Read More »

Post-Recession Home Buying Trends

Any real estate purchase in California is an important investment. If you are looking at the housing market, knowledge of current trends can help as you move forward. In August, the National Association of Home Builders index of housing market activity rose three points to 59, the strongest improvement since early 2006. The Association notes… Read More »

How to Handle Real Property as an Estate Fiduciary

Estate fiduciaries, whether serving as executor and administrator, often face a great deal of uncertainty in exercising their duties. While certain types of personal property are fairly easy to manage while the estate is open, others — especially real estate — require constant attention and maintenance. Failing to take these necessary actions can result in… Read More »

Property Encumbrances to Avoid

Quality is important when investing large amounts of capital into a piece of real estate. However, while savvy buyers closely examine the physical aspects of a property, certain nontangible defects may escape notice. These types of encumbrances and defects of title can be just as damaging to a property’s value as a serious physical defect…. Read More »

Who Pays for Maintenance When an Easement Is Jointly Owned?

When you purchased your house a few years ago, you knew that an easement on the property allowed the neighbors to use a back alley on your lot to access their property. You and the neighbors actually are co-owners of the easement and your understanding was that you are both responsible for its maintenance. Now… Read More »

Don’t Buy a House Without the Right Attorney

Buying a house in California is the biggest personal purchase most people make in their lifetime. So, when you’ve found the home that you can afford and meets your needs, don’t make any commitments until you find a California attorney to help you through the sales and closing process. The California Department of Real Estate… Read More »

Is the View Worth the Risk?

You’ve had your eye on that cliffside property with the great view of the bay for a while now. You’ve been assured that the land is safe to build on, but as a California resident, you know all too well what can happen. Unfortunately, wildfires later resulting in landslides happen too frequently in California. According… Read More »

What to Do When the Tenant-Landlord Relationship Goes Bad

Many landlords and tenants manage to get along very well.  On occasion, however, misunderstanding and/or miscommunication can cause problems that jeopardize the relationship. In California, both parties have the responsibility to deal with each other in good faith. Even though you spoke to your tenant to resolve the complaint, your tenant has threatened to sue… Read More »

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